Dog falls into the Elsa river and risks drowning: saved by the State Police: here is the video

The alert was given by a passer-by in the dark of the night

Who knows Elen would never have expected such an epilogue for her misadventure. Be rescued and rescued by the State Police.

The little dog, perhaps to drink, had approached the Elsa river, in the province of Siena, and then had fallen, but fortunately a passer-by noticed her and immediately went to ask for help from the police patrols who were nearby.

They were about 11.00 pm yesterday and the policemen of the Flying Squad of the Police Station of Poggibonsi were making a checkpoint, together with a patrol of the Polstrada of Florence, when they were approached by a boy who reported sighting a dog in distress shortly before along the Elsa River.

They immediately went along the river bank and, after half an hour of searching completely in the dark, with the help of a flashlight, they managed to spot the drowning animal.

One of the policemen wasted no time: with timing and courage, avoiding the worst, he lowered himself into the river to save him. Approaching the dog, he managed to stop it.

Improvised an emergency harness with the tow rope supplied to the Traffic Police, the agents managed to get her to safety, pulling it out of the water.

Once calmed down, the dog was taken with the service car to the police station, where the policemen fed and looked after her.

Through the ANPANA rescue service, they then ascertained his identity verifying from the chip that he is a seven-year-old German hound named Elen.

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Identified and contacted the owner, a seventy-four year old from Poggibonsi, he rushed to the police station where, moved, he thanked the policemen and returned home with his beloved dog.

Here is the video of the rescue

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