“Dog eats but Charlie laughs” Kai Inowaki, Koji Matoba, Hidekazu Mashima, Kitaro, Miyoko Asada, Kimiko Yo and others will be announced on 9/23 (Friday / holiday)! | Movie time

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Shingo Katori starred for the first time in three years since “Sea of ​​Revival”, and Yukino Kishii, who has become an indispensable actress in the Japanese film industry, co-stars as a heroine, and Masahide Ichii (45) directs and directs the new movie ” “I don’t eat dogs, but Charlie laughs” will be released in September. The ban on extravagant additional cast information that colors this “comedy but scary” work has been lifted. In addition, the release date of this work has been decided on September 23 (Friday / holiday)! !!

“It’s a comedy, but it’s scary!”
Yujiro Tamura (Shingo Katori) and Hiyori (Yukino Kishii) are celebrating their fourth year of marriage. On the face of it, the breach that was born between two good friends has evolved into a couple Genka that can’t be beaten by the existence of the radical SNS “Husband Death Note”! While grinning at the jokes and the exchanges of the characters, I can’t help but feel “scary” … In this work, a gorgeous cast with a lot of individuality that will make the audience laugh a lot. did.

Kai Inowaki, a young talented actor, plays the role of Hiroto Wakatsuki, a junior at Yujiro’s workplace, who plays Katori, and who soon becomes aware of the horror of marriage. Koji Matoba, who is also the manager of the home improvement store where Yujiro works, is the manager of Urashima, who has a good taste but can’t read the air. Hidekazu Mashima will play the role of Shusaku Katsuragi, the sexual harassment boss who has excessive self-confidence as a man in the workplace of Hiyori played by Kishii. Miyoko Asada will play the role of Yujiro’s mother, Chizuru Tamura, who will be able to play the role of the person who visits the home improvement store where Yujiro and his colleagues work. Kimiko Yo played Minoyama, who is a colleague of Yujiro’s workplace and who has something in common with the weather and will be the key person of the two fights. In addition, Seina Nakata, Ena Koshino, Izumi Matsuoka, Kentaro Tamura, Yoshiyuki Morishita, Eri Tokunaga, Rie Minemura, Ami Kikuchi, An Arita, Ellen, etc. Appeared everywhere, and completed this work as a work that is not just a comedy.

A painful and sympathetic comedy watched by the owl “Charlie”!
The pet owl “Charlie” owned by Yujiro and Hiyori keeps staring at the relationship between the two, which is getting worse and worse. I can’t help laughing at the funnyness of “Husband Death Note”, which is lined with comical slander, and the “pathetic, sloppy, useless Shingo Katori” that Ichii wanted to draw … There is no doubt that they will sympathize with the appearance of the two struggling to regain their important relationship. The exquisite comedy work “Dog can’t eat but Charlie laughs”, which everyone can feel and sympathize with because it can happen to anyone, will be released on September 23 (Friday / holiday). There is no doubt that it will deliver a laugh that will blow away the heat!

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