Dog Dog’s one-year-old child bites into the strongest handmade toys → Children seem to like this kind of thing, so even those who made it by themselves are “wife genius” –Togetter

It seems to be made by the wife of a dog dog

Every baby seems to like this

Nagoe @ 👶1y3m

I tried to imitate a toy made by a dog and a dog’s wife.
I bought a miso case and a drain cover from CAN DO, removed the lid of the miso case, and put the drain cover upside down, and it fits Cinderella.
If you put blocks or toys inside, you’re crazy about it. Thank you 🙌

2022-01-14 16:19:15

Why do you bite into these toys?


@inu_eat_inu Producer’s voice 😂 But it’s a nice idea! I used felt for rubber, so it wasn’t very durable. What’s inside the box is fun ~ It’s a wonderful producer ◎

2022-01-13 23:10:00


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