Dog causes delayed departure – crew takes selfies

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Von: Sandra Barbara Furtner


If it takes longer: There are many reasons for delays in trains and planes. But some are just plain cute.

Admittedly, if the S-Bahn is too late or the bus just doesn’t come at all, you can react angrily. After all, there are deadlines to be met and connections to be made. Flights can also be delayed. Be it due to a lack of staff, technical problems or a bad weather forecast. The fact that a four-legged friend is said to have caused a slight delay in an airplane attracts the attention of millions of people, as reported by

Dog delays departure – the entire crew comes out as animal lovers and snaps selfies

Richtie enjoys the attention the captain is giving him. © Instagram (lovimals)

The video of four-legged Ritchie, a stately Pyrenean mountain dog, is causing a lot of discussion on social media. He is said to have been the reason for a delayed departure of American Airlines. But we suspect: The delay had another cause and the whole crew including the captain simply used the waiting time to cuddle the dog extensively.

As soon as the clip went online on Instagram, it received more than 1.4 million likes. Because it shows how warm and friendly the employees treat their four-legged friends.

Dog Delays Departure – Ritchie is a therapy dog

Now, of course, the question arises as to how it is possible to take such a large dog into the cabin. Normally, four-legged friends are transported in cages in the cargo hold. Most airlines only allow dogs up to eight kilograms including a transport bag in the cabin. But there is one exception: therapy and guide dogs may be taken along. Also depends on the airline. That’s why it makes sense to find out more about this before departure. Four-legged Ritchie is such a service dog and is trained to help its owner. The people on the net are enthusiastic and comment:

  • “A fine on board”. 😍
  • “As a pilot, I couldn’t let go and would just cuddle.”
  • “That’s cute, but people with dog allergies?”
  • “I would just cuddle with this dog for the entire flight.” 😂❤️
  • “How did you manage to board the one above?”
  • “Ladies and gentleman, our flight is delayed by almost 2 hours due to a much needed cuddle. I would have done the same.” 🥰🥰🥰
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