Dog bites 6 year old to death

A dog killed a six-year-old boy to death. The incident was registered on the territory of the Tver region, but the public outcry instantly made the news federal.

“The prosecutor of the Tver region, S.B. Lezhnikov, instructed the prosecutor of the Kalininsky district to organize an investigation into the death of a six-year-old child who was bitten by a dog,” — said in the department.

According to preliminary information, the mother of the deceased six-year-old child has been breeding dogs for several years. The prosecutor’s office will have to sort out the details and circumstances of the incident.

In addition, the effectiveness of the work of the regional system of prevention organs will be checked and an assessment will be given of the activities of specialists who were obliged to monitor the living conditions of a minor child in the family of a dog breeder.


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