Dog and dog owner attack strollers

Police car (Photo: Ahrensburg-Portal)

On June 3rd, 2021, around 5:20 pm, a 48-year-old Reinbeker went for a walk in the “Oher Tannen” forest in Reinbek. There he met a man with a dog on a leash. The dog suddenly jumped at the 48-year-old (without injuring him). Then the 48-year-old spoke to the dog owner, he should hold the dog. However, he took out with his right hand and hit the injured person against the left ribs. In addition, the man threatened the 48-year-old with further beatings, whereupon he fled. The injured party was injured by the chipped rib and had to seek medical treatment. On June 4th, 2021, he then appeared at the police station in Reinbek to report the incident.

The perpetrator is described as follows: approx. 40-55 years old, slim, short dark brown to black hair, wearing glasses. The dog was probably a young German Shepherd (approx. 70 cm tall) with a green neon leash.

The police are looking for witnesses to the incident

Who can provide information about the crime or the perpetrator? Who has seen a dog owner who fits the description? Please send witness information to the criminal police in Reinbek on 040 / 727707-0.

Text: Police Directorate Ratzeburg (ots) / editorial, photo: Ahrensburg portal


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