Dog abandoned “in excrement”: the call for help from an association in Vendée

The Vida association is worried about the fate of a German Shepherd. © Illustration / archives

The fate ofa German shepherd, locked in a shed, on a ground covered with excrement, greatly worries the members of an animal protection association in Vendée.

“Usually, we manage to enforce the law. But there, we have a blockage on all sides that I cannot explain. “

Sabine Landais belongs to the association Vida (See, inform, denounce, act) which campaigns for Sold against animal abuse.

Unfortunately, cases of mistreatment remain widespread, the activist has accumulated a certain experience in how to react, most often finding a solution to collect the poor animals. But, faced with the case of this dog left to his own devices in a rural area of ​​the Talmond region, she admits not knowing where to turn.

“Despite a complaint filed two months ago, a German shepherd still languished in a box covered with 5 cm of excrement, thin, dirty, alone, trying to survive with a few kibbles thrown when his owner thinks about it“, She sums up on social networks.

A video was produced by the association:

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In the feces

The alert was given following a visit to the owner: a dog is locked in a lean-to adjacent to the house. For food: a few kibbles thrown in the feces. “When witnesses bring up the problem with the owner, he is very quickly threatening. As in many cases of this kind, he is in denial, ”deplores Sabine Landais. His observations lead him to believe that this dog would, unfortunately, not be the first in this situation in this house.

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She therefore appealed to the gendarmerie who drew up a report. “The gendarmes were appalled. “

Vida proposed an assignment to the owner: that he give the dog to the association for good care without any financial transaction on either side. Categorical refusal by the person concerned.

The dog is locked in a lean-to.
The dog is locked in a lean-to. © Vida

“We lodged a complaint, and despite a report by the gendarmes, the complaint was dismissed, the prosecution considering that the report of the requisitioned veterinarian was not written in a sufficiently alarming manner to requisition this dog. “

Theft is not an option

Another report was made, but the file did not reopen. “The veterinary services have also noted, but only a call to order has been established …”

Astonishment in the ranks of the animal protection association. The latter welcomes the latest legislative advances in animal protection, but draws a bitter conclusion:

“There are laws, but we are struggling to enforce them! “

“We respected the procedures, got things right, warned who it is but, despite everything, this dog is doomed to stay in this situation, how long will he survive it? »Asks Sabine Landais who It’scard the option to automatically take the dog to its owner as many suggest on social networks. Before the law, the act constitutes a theft.

“It amounts to getting into difficulty without the owner being worried and the dog would then be returned to him and could not be saved. “

The clock is turning

The Bardot Foundation and 30 million friends were contacted as well as Hélène Thouy, a renowned lawyer specializing in the animal cause. “What we want is to find a legal outcome,” insists Sabine Landais. But, meanwhile, the clock is ticking: “It is an animal that risks not spending the winter!” “

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