Does work cause you depression? That’s how you solve the problem

According to the psychotherapist Constantin Cornea, depressive syndrome can be just one episode, or it can become a serious illness, of longer duration, characterized by the following feelings:

– Worry without reason or feelings of anxiety
– The feeling of being overwhelmed, even in ordinary activities
– Lack of appetite or increased appetite
– Insomnia or drowsiness
– Crying easily
– Low tolerance for frustration
– Loss of interest in previously enjoyable activities
– Self-blame, self-pity
– The feeling of helplessness
– Low self-esteem
“Thoughts of death.”
– Physical, mental fatigue.

Depression is triggered by factors related to the job (too many tasks, too low salary, problems in communicating with the boss or colleagues, extended schedule, difficult deadlines) or other personal things (death of a loved one, a breakup, esteem low self-esteem, a medical or psychological condition).

“No matter what the source of the depression, it is good to keep in mind that difficult times come and go in anyone’s life, and we need to move on. If you have been abandoned, try to understand what was the cause, then, patiently, return to the activities that you enjoyed and charged you positively. If the source of depression is work, why not try a change? Test the market and see if another company or even another field of activity suits you. However, you should not be ashamed or scared of your condition. Depression has existed since time immemorial. Do not doubt for a moment that you can not get over any problem. You just have to be patient “, the psychotherapist advises you.

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