Does Trump give way to Portland?


Es looked for a turn by Donald Trump from: The federal police officers who the President had sent to Portland to quell political protest, should withdraw in the coming days. Only on Wednesday there was no agreement about the conditions and the schedule of the withdrawal. The state of Oregon and the Department of Homeland Security have agreed on a withdrawal starting Thursday, Governor Kate Brown said initially. The precondition was the security of the court building, where the clashes between demonstrators and police officers had concentrated over the past few days.

Brown also said that from now on, state police will keep the courthouse safe. Federal police officers would then only be stationed inside the court, as they have been so far. According to a report by the broadcaster “Oregon Public Broadcasting”, Brown is said to have negotiated with representatives of the Trump administration for days – a breakthrough was finally achieved through her close cooperation with the Vice President Mike Pence with whom the democrat maintains a good personal relationship.

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The current Minister of Homeland Security, Chad Wolf, has weakened the agreement. The officials, who come from the border guards, among others, would only be withdrawn if one was absolutely certain that the integrity of the courthouse could be guaranteed. Note that the urban and state police Wolf wants to carry out their tasks – but only if the situation improves significantly as a result, the federal police officers can be removed.

The president also did not want it to look as if the demonstrators had persuaded him to give in. Just before the governor announced the deal, he said, “You will hear all sorts of reports that we are withdrawing. We don’t withdraw until they guarantee security in their city. We told the governor, we told the mayor. Secure your city. ”If this doesn’t happen, Trump says, the federal government has no choice but to“ clean up ”in Portland. He also tweeted that there would be “no Portland” if he hadn’t sent the federal police to the city. Although the protests and violent clashes were always limited to a small area, the president claimed that without the operation, all of Portland would have been “burned and razed”.

Governor Brown, on her part, stayed criticized for Trump on Wednesday. The conflicts surrounding the courthouse escalated significantly after the arrival of the federal police. According to many observers, it was the unsolicited units in the military divide that with their aggressive use of Tear gas, nightly arrests and non-lethal projectiles caused the escalation. “These federal officials acted as occupying forces, refused to be accountable, and brought violence and tension into our community,” Brown said. Activists announced that the anti-racist protests that led to the conflict would continue even after the Feds pulled out.


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