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Dmitry Rebrikov

The last few years in Russia, the patriotic education of the younger generation has been the main vector in the framework of the youth policy of the Russian Federation. Despite criticism of the opposition and various within the regime skeptics, the state has always kept schoolchildren (especially) and students in the field of its influence. In educational institutions, various educational events have been regularly held over the past twenty years: rallies at the eternal flame, showing of patriotic-charged films, meetings with veterans of military operations, etc. to events related to the days of military glory. If we take a history or social science textbook for grade 9, then in its content it is more like a course in morality and ethics than a textbook on an educational discipline. Therefore, the statement that the authorities do not pay attention to the young is erroneous. However, despite the actions of state authorities, few among young people have warm feelings about their country. It is important to note that the discontent among young people is caused not by the conventional white birch tree, native village and other cultural monuments, etc., but rather by the orders and traditions that exist in Russia. In turn, this becomes the main incentive for the search for a better life abroad, which leads to a catastrophic deterioration of human capital in the country. But what is the reason for this discontent: the pernicious influence of the West or the flaws of the existing reality?

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1 reasons: not being able to use your talent

One famous Russian pop singer often liked to repeat in front of a wide audience that in order to demand something from the state, something must first be done for it. This “parable” sounded incredibly effective in his mouth, especially against the background of his personal life path. But, unfortunately, the modern Russian reality is such that after graduating from a higher educational institution, it is practically impossible for a young person to get a job in his specialty. And the reason is not that many graduates want everything at once and not be attracted by low salaries. The answer to this question lies in another plane: the lack of demand for fundamental knowledge. Of course, you can spew out scientific concepts, classifications, quote classics, but the employer has absolutely nothing to do with it. Everyone is well aware of this, but no one is going to change the standards of university education. Therefore, former honors graduates are forced to go to humiliatingly low-paid jobs in anticipation of a miracle ahead. I will say by my example, I recently graduated with honors from the university and for almost a year I have not been able to find a normal job. With my specialty (“political science”), they do not hire me in the media, because often in all interesting publications the staff is already full, and in the business environment I am not accepted because my specialty contrasts quite strongly with what is required. Therefore, one has to be content with such publications, because at least they bring moral satisfaction.

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From this point of view, the Soviet state had something to love and respect for, because after university, society did not throw young people to their fate, but immediately provided a place of work. The Soviet government did not tell the graduate of the university: what did you do for the state, so that the state would do something for you.

Reason 2: social insecurity

It’s no secret that the scholarship for a Soviet student made it possible to more or less exist. These were not the unfortunate 3 thousand rubles, which in Moscow is enough to buy food a couple of times. A Soviet student received an average of 40 rubles, which was comparable to the salary of a rural worker. Now, during the period of study, the main burden falls on the parents, who, in theory, the education system should support the student for the entire period of study. In turn, if there is no such opportunity in the family, then the young person is forced to go to work and, therefore, pay less attention to his studies, which leads to poor-quality mastering of educational programs.

Thus, even if you look at these two fundamental facts in the life of a young man, the rotting hand of the West is not even close to being seen here. No matter how many young people are taken to the monuments of the heroes of various wars, no matter how much they talk about the exploits of their ancestors, if the present is unbearable, love for this system cannot be aroused. Yes, earlier life was also not heavenly manna, let’s take the pre-war generation, the Komsomol members of the 1930s, about whom many songs were composed. But they had a goal – to build a new society, and this justified the efforts that they made to overcome difficulties. What is the purpose of the current struggle for survival? For what to endure? It is not clear, therefore, those who have the opportunity to leave Russia in search of a better life.

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Parents, like the Motherland, are not chosen. Everyone should accept their parents as they are. But think, will you be drawn to your drunken father, who humiliated you all your childhood?

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