Does Marcelo Barovero wink at Rayados? ‘My intention is to go to Mexico

The goalkeeper position has been one of the most criticized in recent years in the team of Striped, as Hugo González has failed to gain trust of his hobby on the court, which is why he has been constantly in the eye of the hurricane.

And before this, today comes a news that makes the fans of the Monterrey, well Marcelo barovero revealed you want back to Liga MX, which some have taken as a nod to Striped, a club in which he left a pleasant taste in his mouth with his work, since managed to be champion with the team in 2019.

“I tried to stay here. It’s a bit difficult, because I am already my years old and I don’t have much poster for these lands. If the possibility of returning to Mexico arises, it would be my intention at this time. We will see what soccer holds, “said the Argentine, current goalkeeper of the Burgos of Spain in conversation with El Espectador Deportes.

And although the Trapito still has a contract with him Burgos of the Second Division of SpainHe explained that he has spoken with his representative to find another option, because there is already instability in the Iberian box.

“I have one more year on my contract, but there is a bit of uncertainty here at the club. I spoke with Antonio (Caseli, his representative) to leave the team if an offer appears. The important thing is that we achieved the objective, we left the team in a higher category (they were promoted to the Second Division), but everything is uncertain and at this point in my career I don’t like it very much, “he added.

Barovero had a hard time adapting

The 37-year-old goalkeeper explained that leaving Monterrey and move to Burgos It meant a radical change in his life, a situation for which he was slow to adapt to his new lifestyle.

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“Burgos is a city north of Madrid, two hours away, and very cold. Monterrey, such a big city, to a smaller one, similar to Rafaela, was not easy. This time of pandemic made everything cost much more and a little relief was on Sunday. “


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