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Valery Meladze, who recently became a participant in a high-profile scandal by responding to a Nazi salute, has already returned to Moscow.

I want to draw attention to the fact that Meladze, while living in Russia, never hid his views.

He has never been to Crimea since 2014, and he calls the referendum “a big madness and a big catastrophe” and this is a fresh saying from the end of September 2022.

Meladze is a citizen of Russia, but at the same time he actively conducts business in Ukraine, receives royalties, his brother and relatives live in Kyiv.

From their income, he and his family pay taxes that go to support the Ukrainian army.

This is his conscious position, but then there should also be a conscious position of Russia, if the singer does not recognize the territorial integrity of our state, opposes its policy, “yields” in front of Bandera, then in Russia he cannot earn money.

The status of a foreign agent, superfluous of all ranks and regalia, income verification, a ban on concert activities and deprivation of income on the territory of a state he hates.

Alexander Talipov

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