Dodge Charger Hellcat “Pickup Truck” rendered with Fiat Strada foundations


As it stands, Dodge does not require pickup. Since the 1500 and HD ranges were transformed into Ram Trucks, Dodge has moved to the “American performance brand” thanks to tastes like Viper, Hellcat and Demon.

The 2021 model year embodies Dodge’s priority over performance with not one, not two, but three new models with more than 700 horsepower to exploit. In addition to the Charger Redeye, the Challenger is now available in “Super Stock” flavor while the Durango displays 710 ponies and three-row seats.

Despite this rather successful transition from the brand of a man at work to muscular vehicles, some people still dream of the Dodge logo on a van. Pixel artist Kleber Silva is one of them, and thanks to the magic of Photoshop, the Charger Hellcat has been redesigned as a unibody workhorse.

The Hellcat and SRT logos don’t need to be explained, and obviously, the front and rear fascias are lifted directly from the full-size sedan. Regarding the side profile, the Fiat Strada with the double cabin option served as inspiration for this wacky rendering. “What is a Strada exactly?” you ask?

Also sold as the Ram 700 in places like Mexico, the subcompact truck is a commercial vehicle derivative of the Fiat Argo with a little Mobi and Fiorino for good measure. Based on the modular MC-P platform, the Strada will also not make you explode in terms of suction-compression-blow.

Developed from the start as a utility vehicle for Central and South America, the little brother of the Fiat Toro could not do better than the 8-valve engines with 1.3 or 1.4 liters of displacement and flex-fuel technology. A huge difference from the charger’s supercharged HEMI engine and the Ram 1500’s free-breathing engines, but again, the Strada was designed for small economies and customers different from those in North America.

Chrysler has a lot of experience with utes, starting with the Plymouth Belvedere built in the 1950s in Australia for The Oz. The Dodge Rampage and badge-designed Plymouth Scamp were offered in the United States with a monocoque chassis, but both were abandoned after two years of production due to extremely poor sales compared to the chassis-to-chassis competition.


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