Doctor, arrested at home for bribery

We are talking about the orthopedic doctor Marius Stoica from the Emergency County Hospital (SJU) Braşov. According to, he was detained on Wednesday night, after he was caught red-handed when he received a 800 lei bribe from a patient.

Subsequently, prosecutors from the Prosecutor’s Office of the Brasov Court, together with prosecutors from DNA Covasna and police officers from the Brasov Transport Police, made several searches both at SJU Brasov and at the doctor’s homes in Brasov, Sacele and Budila.

“As a result of the implicit claim from July 18 against a patient, the defendant Stoica Marius-Ioan received the amount of 800 lei from a person, in connection with the fulfillment of his duties as an orthopedic doctor at the Brasov County Emergency Clinical Hospital, relative to the treatment performed on the above-mentioned patient “, is shown in the proposal for preventive arrest of the doctor formulated by the prosecutors.

Although, they requested the preventive arrest of the doctor, the judges decided that doctor Marius Stoica should be placed under house arrest.

Three orthopedists from Brasov caught red-handed by prosecutors

This is the third orthopedist of the Brasov hospital accused of taking bribes in the last year.

Thus, on February 11, at the office of doctor Dumitru Petrescu, also an orthopedist at the Braşov County Emergency Clinical Hospital, searches were made, and following the raids, Petrescu was detained for taking bribes, but has not yet been sent to trial. .

Another orthopedist, Marius Nica, from the same section of SJU Brasov, was detained on August 10, 2015, being caught red-handed while taking bribes from an undercover investigator, who claimed to be a patient.

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Prosecutors have shown that the doctor took bribes in five other cases for surgery. Nica demanded between 400 and 1,000 lei from patients who needed surgery. In March, Brasov Magistrates sentenced Marius Nica to two years and eight months in prison with suspended bribes for continued bribery.

The sentence of the Brasov Court states that the doctor is allowed to work in a state hospital for the next three years only if he treats emergencies and has to do 60 days of work for the benefit of the community.

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