Divorces: How Corona Destroys Marriages

The pandemic as a trigger for divorce: lawyers see multiple burdens and bankruptcies as reasons for separation. If there is a wave of bankruptcies in the fall, it could also lead to more divorces.

Almost 40,000 marriages were officially concluded last year. And thus almost 14 percent less than in 2019. No wonder: all kinds of celebrations were only possible to a limited extent. On the other hand: Almost 15,000 marriages were legally divorced in 2020 (divorce rate: 38 percent), nine percent less than the year before.

In many cases, the pandemic affected the breakups. “Corona is a massive accelerator for divorces,” says divorce attorney Kristina Venturini. And: “Most marriages are not designed to see each other all day, for several months.” In addition, there are double burdens such as home office and homeschooling – sometimes in a small space. “And maybe one or the other has also lost his job.”

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