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This is the opportunity you were waiting for to show off your great observation skills, because with the following visual puzzle prepared by the team of Genial Guru You will not only have a pleasant time but also a productive one, since these types of challenges serve to stimulate brain plasticity and thus avoid the appearance of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, as well as stress and anxiety.

A large percentage of riddles Visuals present an enigma or paradox that seeks to test the participant’s abilities, say, observation, attention and perception, as well as intellect and experience. Although for this it depends on the structure, for example, some show rhymes, riddles, puzzles or logical problems.

On this occasion we bring a complicated challenge where only 8% of the Internet users who participated achieved success and it has quickly become a trend on social networks such as Facebook and Instagram. Will you manage to be the master of the puzzles? Answer this question after participating and checking your answers.

The beach is a magical place where a large part of people go to rest or have fun, the following illustration shows us precisely a scene on this wonderful place, everything seems to be in order and nothing strange or unusual is noticed, but it is not like that, if you are observant enough you will notice three strange elements. Don’t let that first impression cloud your performance and find the two amazing bugs as well as the hidden animal, challenge your mind and get the best time among netizens.

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Photo: Genial Guru

Did you manage to solve this visual riddle?

If your eyes still can’t locate the hidden animal, you’d better turn to this hint:

It is a white dog hidden in the clouds.

With the previous clue you get a new chance to find the correct answer. If you don’t want it, go straight to the solution.

Photo: Genial Guru

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