Director of Slaný Hospital: The patient redistribution system has practically collapsed

A few weeks ago, Slaný and other hospitals in the region were also able to relieve Slaný, today they are the same everywhere, director Votoček confirmed to Kladenský deník on Thursday evening. As for the ventilated beds in Slaný, they are already full. “We have ten ventilated beds for patients with severe disease in Slaný and they are occupied,” confirms the director.

Even so, it is said that in Slaný, in the event of an emergency, they can help themselves with extra beds and transport fans, which the hospital received as a gift. But they are not full-fledged fans. These are only supportive devices to breathe mechanically behind the patient, this device cannot do anything more. They have five of them in Slaný.

When the capacity of the Slaný hospital is completely overwhelmed, the director cannot estimate. “It could be tomorrow, it could be a week. Nobody knows that, “Votoček estimates.

In addition to acute patients connected to pulmonary ventilation, another 40 patients are currently hospitalized with a covid in Slaný, and the age structure varies. However, very young people are also on the rise, according to Votoček, people in their thirties are no exception.

Covid’s beds are also declining in Kladno

The number of patients with covid-19 has not yet decreased in Kladno. “Free covid beds in the Kladno hospital are still in the order of units,” confirmed Hana Plačková, a spokeswoman for the Kladno Regional Hospital, on Thursday afternoon. “To date, we have hospitalized 75 patients in the Kladno Regional Hospital, in whom coronavirus infection has been confirmed. Of this number, 12 patients require hospitalization in intensive care beds, “she concluded.

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