Direct – Michèle Rubirola elected mayor of Marseille


From our correspondent in Marseille, Stéphanie Aubert

In Marseille, the midday participation rate was 15.08%, roughly in line with the national average (15.29%) and slightly down compared to the first round at the same time (15.53%) . The voting day started rather calmly, although some confusion could be spotted early in the morning. As in the 4th arrondissement, where in polling station 451, in Saint-Vincent de Paul, an essential element for the ballot was missing: the envelopes. Word quickly spread that entire cartons were stolen. The prefecture provides: “There were envelopes, but in some offices the presidents and assessors did not find them, we brought them back in case they were missing but everything was settled at 8:30 am.” On site, however, it was confirmed that the cardboard labeled envelopes contained the RN bulletins. The famous envelopes were not delivered until 9.20 am, when the most patient voters were finally able to vote, many others having turned back. Like this resident, who had to take a plane at 11 am for Sicily: “At least in Palermo it’s funny”, she let go on leaving, disappointed not to have been able to vote.

In the 12th, all the equipment was there but an incident required the intervention of the police from the opening. The president of the 1206 office in Saint-Barnabé did not consider it necessary for the four LR delegates to show their identity card and their mandate to their counterpart at Printemps Marseille, as the law requires. “I know them well”, justified Sylvie Carrega, deputy mayor and LR county councilor. The police, called to the area, could not enter the office for lack of authorization from the president. The police therefore proceeded outside to verify the identity of the recalcitrants, of whom only two were able to produce the documents. Rebecca Bernardi, the delegate of the Printemps marseillais who also has under her mandate “monitoring” the 1203 office which shelters in particular the 51 dubious proxies established for residents of the neighboring nursing home, expects “a long day”.

(Photo Olivier Monge. MYOP for Liberation.)


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