Dießen: What does the dog from Dießener Himmel on the Hofmark do?

At first only a red outline was visible. Now the Lüftlmalerei on a house facade in the Hofmark in Dießen is finished. Martin Gensbaur had a famous role model for this.

A dog has been barking from the facade of Martin Gensbaur’s “Kunstfenster” studio in Hofmark since Thursday These. He bares his pointy teeth. “The motif is the trademark of the art publisher ‘edition Kunstfenster’, which was newly founded during the lockdown,” explains the artist. The original is just a stone’s throw away.

At first there was only an outline in red color. Martin Gensbaur’s Lüftlmalerei is now finished. In the past few days, passers-by were able to see how the work of art was created. Martin Gensbaur sat right on the sidewalk and worked under the observation of numerous drivers and pedestrians.

Painting at the Hofmark bottleneck certainly requires courage

First the plaster was knocked off and the surface prepared for the fresco. Then Gensbaur painted the dog, which can also be seen in the ceiling fresco (“Dießener Himmel”) by Johann Georg Bergmüller in the nearby Marienmünster. Bergmüller immortalized personalities from the history of the Canons in the nave, such as the abbess Mechtildis, the founder Rasso and Kunissa, the founder of St. Stephan in Dießen. “That might be a good fit for an exhibition platform and a publisher that makes it its business to show pictures in public spaces where you wouldn’t necessarily expect them,” explains Gensbaur in a press release. To paint on the sidewalk and at the bottleneck of the daily through traffic during the day requires a certain courage. But he survived. Now, like its model in the sky of Dießen, the fresco could “hold up for a few centuries”.

The first new edition of the “edition Kunstfenster” has been on the market since the end of April: “The Art Window No. 7 / Quaranta or 40 Attempts at the Fleetingness of the Moment” with contributions by Thomas Raff, Sebastian Goy and Alois Kramer and 40 pictures from the series of the same name Martin Gensbaur (ISBN 978-3-9823030-0-1). From Saturday, June 5th, the original pictures of the booklet will be shown in an exhibition in the garden hall of the Venio Abbey in Munich Nymphenburg. A finissage is in preparation for mid-September. (if)

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