Diego Alary’s red onion tart tatin, a trendy and seasonal recipe

From June, red onions are blooming everywhere on the market stalls. Typically, most gourmets use these red-purple bulbs as a condiment or as an ingredient in a ratatouille. For their part, some cooks do not hesitate to make the red onion the star of the plate. This is the case of Diego Alary, this former Top Chef candidate who shares his inventive and seasonal recipes on TikTok. Let’s discover his tart tatin with sliced ​​red onions which highlights these summer bulbs!

How to reproduce Diego Alary’s red onion tarte tatin?

The tarts tatin have a peculiarity that distinguishes them from classic pies: their dough is placed above the filling during baking. Once the tart tatin is perfectly cooked, it is turned over on itself, revealing its delicious garnish.

Diego Alary’s red onion tarte tatin is no exception to the rule: its beautifully highlighted caramelized onion rings are a guarantee of success. Since the publication of his tarte tatin in video in mid-July, this recipe has indeed accumulated more than 3.3 million views on the TikTok account from the chef… Here is the preparation signed by chef Alary!

  • To start, peel the onions and cut them into thick slices. Arrange them in a round dish, then add about 100 g of melted butter, a dash of balsamic vinegar, two tablespoons of brown sugar, then a few sprigs of thyme and bay leaf. Bake at 200 ° C (Th.6-7) for 20 minutes.

  • Once the onions are well browned, remove the herbs and place the pieces of red and yellow candied peppers, some Greek olives, grated mozzarella and basil leaves on the red onion rings.
  • Cover with shortcrust pastry in “Packing the edges well is important”, specifies Diego Alary. Make a few notches in the raw dough then bake again at 200 ° C (Th-6-7) for 30 min. Once the time is up, flip the tart tatin, add a few fresh basil leaves and you’re done!

Some ideas for adapting Diego Alary’s red onion tarte tatin

If Diego Alary’s tarte tatin is sufficient on its own, you are free to adapt it fully to your tastes and desires with these three tips.

  • Do you have a hard time digesting peppers? Swap them for candied tomatoes or candied eggplants, more digestible summer vegetables.
  • Does the relatively potent flavor of red onions turn off your dear toddlers? Do not hesitate to swap this vegetable plant for another variety ofonion. Like the mini size baby onions with a milder and almost sweet taste, for example!
  • Later in the year, when fall sets in, replace the red onion with another seasonal vegetable, leek. Once cut into sections, your leek will perfectly customize your savory tarte tatin. Guaranteed WOUAH effect, with this vegetable tart tatin that whets the appetite;)
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Laura Izarié, 07/28/2021


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