Despite the Delta variant, the Belgians are avoiding a new turn of the sanitary screw: return to the Codeco announcements

No revolution. The consultation committee met on Monday afternoon to examine the state of the health crisis and adjust the focus for a few measures. This summer exercise is delicate because Belgium, like many other countries, lives in fear of a wave of contamination from the new version of Covid-19 (the Delta variant). Conversely, government authorities do not want to panic and tighten the screw too quickly. The vaccination plan is progressing very well in Belgium and this must be taken into account.

Deconfinement “step by step” remains the rule

According to Prime Minister Alexander De Croo, (Open VLD) presenting at a press conference the measures validated in Codeco, it is a question of sticking to the prudent policy of “step by stepLikewise, the head of the federal government wants to avoid, in his own words, going “on / off” in the measures. Namely, deconfining too quickly and too widely and then having to impose restrictions on freedom to control the increase in contamination.

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