Desjardins Group: Another employee dismissed after consulting data

In recent months, the Mouvement Desjardins has fired again an employee who consulted the personal information of “more than 1000 clients” without real reason in the course of his work.

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This news, which was reported at the microphone of Paul Arcand (98.5), Tuesday morning, was confirmed at Journal by the management of the financial institution.

Today, Desjardins says it has completed its investigation. However, management refuses to disclose the name of this person, his position and his place of work. A complaint was lodged with the police.

This ex-employee would have consulted files between 2019 and 2021. All the members concerned would have received a letter to warn them of the situation.

Desjardins ensures that this worker had the necessary authorizations to consult this type of file. The documents of the members concerned contained dates of birth and contact details.

“This person had access to this data. […] She could use them for her job, but she didn’t need them. This contravenes our policy ”, indicated to the Journal the spokesperson, Chantal Corbeil, adding that the former employee in question consulted “one by one”, during these two years, these files and that he “took notes”.

No link to 2019

The financial institution in Lévis did not want to say how long this person has been out of the organization. It was as part of the tightening of security measures, since the data theft of millions of members in 2019, that Desjardins discovered this practice.

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Management says there is no connection between the two events. However, she is unable to explain what motivated this person to look at these files. It is not possible to know, for the moment, if certain data has left the walls of the financial institution.

“It is the police who will do their investigation,” replied Mme Corbeil. “Our investigation revealed that she had legitimate access to this data, but that she should not consult them, because she had not received a request,” she added, specifying that there was no has no other suspects.

Desjardins declined to say the exact number of people who are affected by this new breach.


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