departures from the country have increased by 30% since Brexit


Brexit leads to other departures. Since the United Kingdom left the European Union, emigration has increased by 30%, and applications for European nationality by British nationals by 500%.

This is what a study carried out by the University of Oxford and several Berlin-based institutions reveals. From December 2015, a few months before Brexit, to October 2019, the number of departures of British citizens to EU member countries has increased from 58,000 to 84,000 per year.

Another observation: more and more British people want to obtain a European nationality. The demand for a German passport is particularly high. In 2016, 622 people obtained a German-British dual nationality. In 2019, they were 14,600. The United Kingdom is the second most represented country of origin among naturalizations in Germany, behind only Turks and well ahead of Poles, Romanians and Syrians.

Britain’s most highly educated emigrants in the world

The study also notes a particularity among British starters: they are among the most highly educated immigrants in the world, and the best paid. Also in Germany, UK citizens earn an average of 2,812 euros per month. The third highest paid nationality in the country, excluding Germans, just behind Austrians and Americans. Data which suggests that the country is losing qualified elements of its population.

Daniel Auer, expert on migration issues and co-author of the study, notes in the Guardian than such figures normally only appear “when a country is hit by a major political or economic crisis”.

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