Departmental in Seine-Saint-Denis: young people try to steal an urn in Noisy-le-Sec

Here are who would have done better to abstain, on this day of elections. This Sunday afternoon, a group of teenagers tried to steal one of the two ballot boxes from a polling station in Noisy-le-Sec. In their flight, the thieves abandoned the object of their theft in the middle of the street. The ballot box broke and the dozens of ballots it contained ended up on the sidewalk.

The events took place around 4:30 p.m., in polling station No. 16. This is in a room of the Jean-Renoir nursery school, itself located in the city of La Sablière. “It is the office which had recorded the record of abstentions in the city last week”, underlines Jean-Paul Lefebvre (Republican and Socialist Left), independent city councilor and president of another polling station, this Sunday.

The perpetrators of the theft made the first mention in the morning. “They are undoubtedly adolescents, minors or just adults, who hang out in the city and who animate a narcotics spot located a little further away”, believes Jean-Paul Garnier, the chief of staff of the mayor Olivier Sarrabeyrouse (PCF ).

The motivations of the intruders remain unclear. “They were a bit rowdy,” reports Jean-Paul Garnier, who rushed into this office after being warned. They complained that they did not know there was an election. According to some witnesses, they also said that they are fed up with the mayor. Since we were elected [NDLR : aux municipales l’an dernier], we disturb them. The police spend more time on this point of the deal. “

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Voting operations interrupted for three quarters of an hour

When leaving, one of the intruders seized the ballot box for the departmental elections. The president of the polling station first tried to stop him. “He broke a nail trying to hold the urn,” says Jean-Paul Garnier.

The same man set off in pursuit of the teenagers alongside administration staff and a voter. The fugitives took the direction of the sites along the National 3. The one who held the plastic ballot box then dropped it. “It was shattered and the ballots were poured onto the sidewalk,” continues the mayor’s chief of staff.

The 107 ballots were collected and carefully recounted. “This number corresponded to the attendance list,” says Jean-Paul Garnier. Voting operations were interrupted for three quarters of an hour, before resuming under the watchful eye of the police, who carried out the findings. “Their presence allowed the ballot to resume smoothly,” greeted the chief of staff.

The entire town of Noisy-le-Sec is part of the canton of Bobigny, where the two outgoing departmental councilors, the Communists Abdel Sadi and Pascale Labbé, won more than 50% of the votes cast in the first round.

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