Delta variant, new record of cases in the United Kingdom since January: almost 23 thousand. The 60,000 spectators expected at Wembley are worrying

The Delta variant continues to spike the contagions from coronavirus in Great Britain. Even today there was a new one record in case from January 28, with 22,868 positives in the last 24 hours compared to 1.2 million swabs performed. Although the population is extensively vaccinated with at least the first dose of AstraZeneca as the most widely used vaccine, the numbers of registered cases continue to grow, although the action of immunization drugs is holding back an increase that could be much greater, especially with regard to hospitalizations which, in fact, remain stable at around 1,500 in all departments of the country and the victims, only three in the last 24 hours.

According to the indications of the last few days, the infections related to the Delta mutation of the coronavirus, now dominant on the island compared to the English, have touched 99% of the total new cases. The vaccines administered have instead exceeded quota 77 million, with the first dose inoculated to almost 85% of the adult resident population and the recalls (in absolute numbers over 32.5 million) to 62% of those over 18. This remains the weapon that the government Boris Johnson will have to use to prevent infections from starting to grow exponentially and get out of control, given that scientific evidence says that the new mutation coming fromIndia however, it is covered by the drugs currently available.

In the meantime, Downing Street has postponed the last stage of the exit from the restrictions of the lockdown from 21 June to no earlier than 19 July, with the Minister of Health, Sajid Javid, who nevertheless said he hoped to meet this date as a final deadline, but on which some experts remain cautious while waiting to see the evolution of the trend of infections. Health institutions are also worried exceptions on gatherings granted for European football championships, with the announced enlargement of the authorized presences to the stadium at Wembley for the semifinals and the final – scheduled between 6 and 11 July – and beyond 60 thousand spectators against the 40 thousand initially foreseen.

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