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The bitch Socke shows no shyness during a test bath in Nicole Kutschenbauer’s dog wash center “Felldorado”. (INGO MÖLLERS)

There are always resourceful people in the showman families: Before Nicole and Marcel Kutschenbauer are condemned to idleness by the Corona standstill of their rides, they come around the corner with a new business idea. They use the space on their premises opposite the Delmenhorst sewage treatment plant for a new range of dog owners. Nicole Kutschenbauer saw the car wash for the first time during a visit to Münster and was immediately impressed. Starting this Monday, she invites you to a light-flooded container in Delmenhorst’s first self-service washing center for dogs.

There are reasons to wash your dog all year round. In winter it’s the salt, in summer it’s the mud: “I come from a real family of dogs,” says Nicole Kutschenbauer, describing her motivation. According to Loriot, a life without a dog is possible, but pointless. Rottweilers were always kept at her home. She has now had a representation of this dog breed incorporated into the logo of her business idea: the head and paws of a Rottweiler dog peek over the “Felldorado” logo.

The container that houses the washing facility can be entered directly from Am Donneresch 9. Dog and owner then stop in front of a specially equipped stand, via a ramp like a chicken staircase, stepless of course, and you lead your animal into the washing stand. “Depending on how the dogs feel about the water, there is a possibility of leashing them there,” explains Nicole Kutschenbauer. The person at the other end of the line can then read through the various “washing programs” on the control terminal. “It starts for five euros,” says Kutschenbauer. Payment options are available through a wide variety of card payment models. A small paw cleaning can even be booked for three euros. “It is always possible to throw in washing coins received from the machine.” The other booking options are graded according to T-shirt sizes, L, XL or XXL laundry.

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Once the washing time and the use of shampoo and conditioner have been programmed, a hand shower dispenses the warm water for showering the dog. The soaps are well suited for sensitive skin. “By the way, the dog is ‘shampooed’ with the water jet from the shower head,” says Kutschenbauer. The magnetic holder of the shower is very convenient and also prevents the risk of injury as there are no foreign bodies in the washing area. Before the four-legged friend is lathered in an elevated position – “This is particularly back-friendly for people,” interjects Nicole Kutschenbauer – it was determined which special shampoo should run through the line. For example, there is a special agent for light-colored dogs as well as an extra selectable dosage for flea and tick protection based on eucalyptus.

When the animal has been rinsed off, the dog is welcome to shake its fur vigorously. “The nice thing about it is that your own bathroom always stays clean,” says Kutschenbauer with a smile. Then it’s time to dry the fur. A turbo dryer is available for this.

And if the bathroom at home is not used either, Kutschenbauer insists that the users of their dog wash facilities clean the area after use. A water hose with cold water is available for this, free of charge, by the way.

Nicole Kutschenbauer will have the opportunity to watch her “Felldorado” from a distance using a video camera. But she would like to see that everything runs by itself. The manufacturer of the system promises a new type of tub bottom that guarantees that the dirt will drain off continuously without having to clean a filter. In conjunction with the automatic disinfection and cleaning system, the system can be operated fully autonomously and without supervision while maintaining the highest hygienic standards.

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Even the door lock system is controlled automatically, so that access is controlled daily from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., “even on weekends and on public holidays,” says Kutchenbauer.


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