Delicious appetizers: the 9 best quick and easy recipes

Here are many special ideas for you to bring many to the table delicious appetizers perfect for the summer. In fact, all the preparations are easy to make and many do not require any cooking. You can choose between vegetarian, meat and cold cuts or fish based recipes. Here are our proposals:

These preparations are all special and will allow you to customize your list of dishes in a tasty way. They are suitable for everyday lunches and dinners, but also to celebrate important occasions!

Take advantage of the many seasonal vegetables in summer to compose ever new dishes. These delicious vegetarian appetizers everyone really likes them and will surely be appreciated by both adults and children!


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The sauce guacamole it can be prepared for delicious summer appetizers. To prepare it you will need a few ingredients. Obviously it starts with avocado, lime and onion. For a fresher flavor we also combine the pulp of a ripe tomato, and if you love spicy, treat yourself to a jalapeno pepper … [SCOPRI LA RICETTA]

Marinated courgettes

Traditional Piedmontese recipe of soaked kitchens
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Start your menu with marinated courgettes, a very good recipe that makes zucchini tasty and delicious thanks to a special marinade with an intense flavor that is particularly used during the summer … [SCOPRI LA RICETTA]

Raw celery with gorgonzola cream

celery with cheese
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Here is a recipe for tasty and crunchy cold appetizers: the rawness of celery with cream of gorgonzola al cognac. Place a nice tray in the center of the table with many pieces of celery to dip in the cream cheese or prepare the celery boats stuffed with the cream and arrange them on a serving plate … [SCOPRI LA RICETTA]

For the classics meat appetizers play it safe by preparing a nice platter of cold cuts, but also roast beef or tasty meatballs. For other fanciful ideas, let yourself be inspired by our proposals that you find below.

Classic meat tartare

Meat tartare
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The tartare is a dish of raw meat of which there are many variations to prepare it in an original way and with unusual ingredients. The recipe we present to you is classic, but there are some creative ideas that will allow you to serve a delicious dish that is always new and tasty …[SCOPRI LA RICETTA]

Omelette roll with ham and tomatoes

Omelette roll with tomato
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Here is a yummy summer appetizer and very easy to make in which the protagonists of the recipe are good smoked ham, tomatoes and mozzarella. Embellish the Omelette Roll with lots of fresh aromatic herbs and serve it hot or cold, it will still be excellent … [SCOPRI LA RICETTA]

Turkey rolls

Turkey rolls
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This of the turkey breast rolls is a simple summer recipe that is very quick to make. Yours in a few minutes stuffed dumplings they will be ready to be brought to the table, and you don’t have to stay at the stove or turn on the oven … [SCOPRI LA RICETTA]

Here is ours selection of delicious fish appetizers for the summer. These are very easy recipes to make, even for those who are not very familiar with cooking. Try them all!

Cod fish carpaccio

cod carpaccio
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Here is a simple dish to make and also quite cheap, but with an unforgettable taste. We are talking about the cod carpaccio, an appetizer that will make your menu truly special … [SCOPRI LA RICETTA]

Smoked salmon tartare with avocado

salmon tartare with avocado
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Offer your guests refined fish appetizers such as smoked salmon tartare with avocado, a very easy recipe to make, also dedicated to those who do not know how to cook at all. Go on the safe side with this dish! … [SCOPRI LA RICETTA]

Eggplant rolls with tuna and ricotta

Eggplant rolls with tuna
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Tasty and tasty, the eggplant rolls with tuna and ricotta they are like cherries, one leads to another! With this recipe you will prepare tasty eggplant rolls, perfect as a summer appetizer since this vegetable is in season during this period … [SCOPRI LA RICETTA]

They might also interest you

Melon appetizer
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To delight your guests try to make the many proposals that you find in our specials on appetizers, finger food and appetizing aperitif ideas and tantalizing!

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