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Commercial establishments must respect the hygiene rules defined by DGS, promoting daily and periodic cleaning and disinfection of spaces, equipment, objects and surfaces with which there is intense contact. After each use or interaction, automatic payment terminals (TPA), equipment, objects, surfaces, products and utensils in direct contact with customers must be cleaned and disinfected. They should also provide customers with a hand sanitizing solution, near the entrances and exits and inside.

Clothing stores must control access to changing rooms, ensuring minimum safety distances. If necessary, some of them can be deactivated. It is also essential to disinfect the dials, clothing supports and hangers after each use. These spaces should provide customers with an alcohol-based solution to disinfect their hands.

In restaurants and similar establishments, the occupation in the interior should be limited to 50% of the capacity. Higher capacity can be used if impermeable physical barriers of separation are used between customers who are face to face and a distance of 1.5 meters between tables. Pre-booking should be given preference, to avoid waiting situations inside the establishment or outside. From 00 hours, no more people can enter.

In museums, monuments, palaces, archaeological sites and the like, it is necessary to respect the rules and instructions defined by the DGS regarding physical distance, hand and surface hygiene and respiratory etiquette. Each visitor must have a minimum area of ​​20 square meters and leave the minimum distance of two meters for another person, unless they are from the same household. There must be only one way to visit.

In cinemas, theaters and other concert halls, between the seats occupied by the public there must be an interval place, if they do not share a house, and in the next row the occupied seats must be out of agreement. In the case of a stage, a minimum distance of at least two meters must be ensured between the stage and the first row of spectators. In open-air venues, places must be previously identified, with a physical distance of one and a half meters between the spectators.

In the Metropolitan Area of ​​Lisbon, commercial establishments and services, as well as those in commercial complexes, must close at 8 pm. Except for catering establishments, with regard to the meal service provided on the premises, and take-away or home delivery activities.

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