Deeming the Covid premium insufficient, employees of Biofusion medical laboratories go on strike


The 20 Biofusion laboratories in Tarn-et-Garonne, Haute-Garonne and Lot were closed on Tuesday due to a strike by employees who protest in particular against a “prime Covid“Deemed insufficient, AFP learned from management and unions.

This is one of the first strike movements in medical biology laboratories since the proliferation of virological tests (PCR) in France, the number of which now exceeds one million per week. This goal, set by the Minister of Health Olivier Véran, is synonymous with assembly line work for laboratories, whose staff tire.

Tuesday morning, some 70 employees of Biofusion, a member company of the Inovie group, gathered in front of a site in Montauban, noted an AFP correspondent. “Due to a staff strike, ALL Biofusion laboratories will be closed to the public on Tuesday September 15», Indicates the direction in a press release published on its site.

«We will not be able to take charge of your balance sheet. We will not be able to provide Covid-19 screening, on all sites and all drives“, except one “which will operate under requisition from the prefecture“, according to her.

CFDT union delegate Catherine Bellenque explained to the press that everything was “from the small bonus received as a Covid bonus“, this is “the drop of water that broke the camel’s back». «This premium is derisory compared to the investment of the staff, whether couriers, secretaries, technicians, nurses.“, according to her.

“In the first line”

«We particularly want the Covid premium to be upgraded because we are also on the front line». «We asked for a 10% increase in our salaries as well as an improvement in the quality of life at work because we have a workforce that is still limited. We work overload almost all the time, even outside the Covid period», She assured.

«Our technical platform is capable of doing 1,500 tests per day and we are at 5,000. Hence the delay and the aggressiveness of patients who worry about not having their results on time. This creates stress in his people that they send us directly. For all secretaries or technicians, it is heavy to carry and very stressful».

«There is really a fear of physical aggression even if for the moment it remains verbal. The phone calls have multiplied by 10. People are worried, asking to receive their results. We can’t take it anymore», Insisted the union representative.

The departments of Haute-Garonne and Tarn-et-Garonne are classified as “Red zoneActive circulation of Covid-19. According to the latest point from the Regional Health Agency (ARS), there were in the whole of Occitania on Friday 11 September 217 hospitalizations, including 43 in intensive care with a total death toll since the start of the coronavirus pandemic amounting to 543 in health facilities.

At the start of September, François Blanchecotte, president of the Syndicat des biologistes (SDB), warned of a risk of “social explosion, if the staff of private laboratories decided to go on strike», Recalling that they had obtained nothing during the Ségur de la santé agreements. On September 7, around fifty people gathered in front of the Sarthe headquarters of Laborizon laboratories in Le Mans, as part of a strike call to denounce the working conditions of employees who consider themselves to be on the front line of the tests. Covid.


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