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JAKARTA – The spread of the corona outbreak has triggered limited economic and community activity, thus weakening demand and affecting the turnover of MSME players. To support business actors, including the MSME sector, PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk. last month presented a breakthrough in the form of oline application Mandiri Pintar (Hassle Free Loans) so it’s easier to apply for credit.

An effective credit application process, aka without the hassle, is an important factor that supports the distribution of financing for businesses in the MSME segment. Through the Mandiri Pintar application, marketers and micro credit customers get various facilities in financing. With this application, the performance of loans extended to businesses in the micro segment will certainly increase.

Sorang Mandiri Credit Sales (MKS) named Alfia who is in charge of the Cipete Market in Jakarta said the Mandiri Pintar application provides many benefits, both in terms of Bank Mandiri employees who are tasked with increasing the amount of lending and for customers who receive credit.

“Before Mandiri Pintar existed, the process that MKS had to do was look for customers, starting from distributing brochures, providing an explanation of the types of credit that customers could obtain, interviews, seeing business feasibility, BI checking and business guarantees,” said Alfian in Jakarta, Monday ( 3/8/2020).

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If all the required administrative requirements are complete, continued Alfian, the process of credit disbursement to approval can take at least one working week, or even more if additional requirements are needed or the requirements are not yet complete. Some of the conditions required include; photocopy of KTP (if a husband-wife couple requires photocopies of both), photocopies of marriage books, photocopies of family cards, NPWP and photocopies of guarantees. “Not to mention that we as sales people have to cross check the data,” he said.

Now with the Mandiri Pintar application, said Alfian, marketers can directly process credit applications via smartphones to customers in a faster time. The process is approximately only 15 minutes after marketers submit debtor data through Mandiri Pintar. This application can also serve applications for new productive micro credit and top up existing productive micro credit.

Currently, the complexity in the credit application process can be overcome with the Mandiri Pintar application. The process required is only about 5-10 minutes, the loan can be transferred to the credit applicant’s account. Based on recent experiences, Alfian revealed that for customer credit top-up, the time needed for verification to approval is less than 5 minutes, if all the requirements are entered into Bank Mandiri’s database and of course the quality of the network is good.

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