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From the movie “Baskerville Family Dog Sherlock Theatrical Version” starring actor Dean Fujioka, the latest visual featuring Dean and co-star Takanori Iwata has been unveiled as a digital poster.

[Video]Trailer for “Baskerville’s Dog Sherlock Theatrical Version”

This work is based on the world-famous detective novel “Sherlock Holmes” series, and in the fiscal year ending October 2019, Dean’s Honor Lion and Iwata’s Junichi Wakamiya will solve a number of difficult cases as the one and only detective buddy. The movie version of the broadcast drama “Sherlock” (Fuji TV series). With the motif of the famous “Dog of the Baskervilles”, which is the masterpiece of the series, the two of them approach the darkness of a splendid clan living on an eerie island.

The first day of the release was celebrated on June 17th, and on June 20th after the release, many spectators who wanted a sequel visited Nagoya and Osaka, which are related to Dean Fujioka and Takanori Iwata. With the applause of, the stage greeting was closed with great success.

And this time, the latest visuals featuring Dean’s Honorable Lion and Iwata’s Junichi Wakamiya have been unveiled as digital posters. Unlike the poster main visual that has already been lifted, the lion male with a melancholy expression and Wakamiya with an expression that appeals to something are projected. What is waiting in front of their eyes? Along with the catch phrase “I regret solving the mystery”, it is a visual that attracts interest in the truth of the case.

The movie “Baskerville’s Dog Sherlock Theatrical Version” is on sale.

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