Deadpool just quietly joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Ryan Reynolds had a languid debut as a Marvel character on the big screen for X-Men Origins: Wolverine of 2009, however it was vindicated with Deadpool, the 2016 solo film and its 2018 sequel both became box office hits. But after Disney bought Fox, the character’s future remained uncertain. Reynolds himself pointed out the lack of Deadpool in the lineup of the Phase 4 from Marvel Studios. Fans expected him to show up eventually, but not like this.

Deadpool is finally joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe thanks to his first crossover … with Korg from Thor Ragnarok?

‘Loki’ set the stage for Deadpool’s possible entry

Since Marvel sold the rights to the characters of X-Men mutants, and by extension Deadpool, have existed in their “own movie universe.” Therefore, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has never recognized mutants at all, which leaves many fans wondering how these characters would be reintroduced.


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