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(Original title: Dazhong Mining: Issue “Dazhong Mining Scholarship” to encourage outstanding talents to deepen school-enterprise cooperation)

On September 23, Dazhong Mining issued an announcement on external donations in the evening. The announcement stated that the company plans to issue scholarships of 100,000 yuan to some students of Inner Mongolia University of Science and Technology recently, and through the issuance of this scholarship, it will encourage more professionals to be diligent and studious, strive to realize their self-worth, and at the same time be grateful to their alma mater and serve the society. .

It is reported that the “Dazhong Mining Scholarship” was jointly established by Dazhong Mining and Inner Mongolia University of Science and Technology in December 2021. It aims to encourage outstanding talents on the one hand, and deepen school-enterprise cooperation on the other hand. Studying – a convenient channel for employment, delivering outstanding talents for enterprises.

The establishment period of the award is three years, and this year is the second year of the implementation of the “Dazhong Mining Scholarship” program. The scholarship mainly covers mineral processing engineering, mining engineering, mechanical design, manufacturing and automation (mining electromechanical direction), mechatronics technology, electrical automation technology, mechanical manufacturing and automation, and mine safety. Students majoring in the main industry of China Mining Industry. While providing scholarships, the company plans to organize training, visits, apprenticeships, social practice, technical research and other activities for award-winning students every time they study in the company.

In recent years, Dazhong Mining has always been concerned about education. On the occasion of the 38th Teacher’s Day this year, the company donated 5 million yuan to the Red Cross Society of Wulateqian Banner with its own funds to support the local “education development incentive” project. Helping the development of local education and adding luster to the local education.

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At the same time, Dazhong Mining and its subsidiaries have been actively responding to the national call. In recent years, it has actively fulfilled its social responsibilities in poverty alleviation, rural revitalization, education development, epidemic prevention and anti-epidemic, and participated in a number of charitable works. The company also stated that this donation is the company’s own funds, which will not have a significant impact on the company’s current and future operating performance, and will not harm the interests of minority shareholders, nor will it have a significant impact on the interests of the company and investors.

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