Day of the dog, at the Acquasola park parade and simulations of dog lovers

Over 40 dogs, accompanied by their owners, took part yesterday in the “Belli di Ugly” parade for the Dog Festival, organized by the Yellow Cross for animal rescue in the Acquasola park. Many curious and enthusiasts who have brought their dog for a short walk with friends or to try it out on an agility course.
The canine units of the Carabinieri, State Police and Alpini took part in the event and simulated operations and research. Also present is the canine nucleus of the Local Police with Maki, engaged in a simulation of drug research.
“A beautiful day of celebration – commented the councilor for animals Francesca Corso who participated in the event – occasions like this, for which I thank the organizers, also serve to make us understand more closely what role dogs play not only as pets affection and company within our families, but also as important protagonists in security and civil protection”.

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