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The ofertas del Black Friday 2020 they are almost here. The day with the most sales of the whole year is one of the most anticipated, and therefore, it is convenient to prepare to get the best opportunities.

Thousands of mobile, televisions, computer products and much more technology They will have very interesting discounts in the main shops, from Amazon, through Media Markt, El Corte Inglés, eBay and many others.

Therefore, here, in Andro4all, we have prepared this section to select for you the best Black Friday deals available before, during and after such a special day. Do you want to know how to be the first to find out about the most interesting bargains?

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When is Black Friday 2020?

The big day for those who want to buy technology at the best price comes in the fourth week of November. Thus, in 2020, the famous Black Friday will be celebrated on Friday, November 27. The offers will continue throughout the weekend in most shops, so that on Monday, November 30, the ofertas del Cyber Monday.

Many online stores they will announce their offers in the previous days, so it is convenient to be careful not to miss what we need at a reduced price.

How long does it last?

Although the official day is November 27As we have said, the offers on the occasion of Black Friday will be extended during Saturday and Sunday, until Monday, a day that, for a few years, has been called Cyber ​​Monday. So, the best offers will take place on Friday, but you can also find great discounts the following days.

Not only that, but some sites will already have offers available from Monday 23, the first day of the semana Black Friday. And some have even started from Amazon’s Prime Day to drop offers galore.

How to find out about the best Black Friday 2020 deals

Yes, during Black Friday there are hundreds of very good offers, but it is not always easy to reach them early. The best opportunities are also usually the scarcest, since the stock of products is limited, so they sell out soon, and it is common to find them when they are over.

But don’t worry, because we are here! If you want be the first to find out about the most interesting offers, we propose several options:

  • Join our Telegram channel: in it you will receive the best offers, specially selected by the Andro4all team of experts, directly on your mobile.

  • Follow our live offers article: From the first minute of Friday of Black Friday, we will put at your disposal an article that will be constantly updated, with the best offers of the moment.

  • Bookmark this page and visit it throughout the week: From the first day of the week of Black Friday, we will publish various articles on this page with the best opportunities, so do not hesitate to visit it whenever you can.

Best Black Friday 2020 deals

We will add here all those products whose discount is very desirable and your purchase practically mandatory.

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An aperitif before Black Friday

What is Black Friday?

Known as “black Friday” is the day that inaugurates the Christmas campaign in the United States with discounts in the vast majority of stores and department stores. It is a date marked on the American calendar that is celebrated the day after Thanksgiving, or what is the same, takes place on the fourth Friday of each month of November.

The release of sales periods in Spain allowed retailers to set up sale campaigns beyond the traditional winter and summer sales, so one of the first events to land in our country It was this Black Friday that was already breaking records year after year in North America.

He “black Friday” It is already a campaign of offers already ingrained in Spain that usually extends beyond until the weekend, and ends with a “Cyber Monday” that closes the shopping fever dedicating itself exclusively to offers in online stores.

Black Friday 2020 in Spain, what discounts can I expect and for how long?

Well, it is difficult to know for sure how long the stores will maintain the prices with discounts applied, although what is certain is that in the previous days most stores and department stores will publish their intentions and most of his offerings to get people into the game.

At the very least, we know that there will be deals in most retailers during the “black Friday”, Saturday, Sunday and even a “Cyber-monday” that will close the sales with irresistible prices in Internet stores.

Black Friday began as a day of offers in technology and computing, but the truth is that today many other sectors such as textiles have joined with discounts, so depending on the type of product we are looking for and the stores we are looking in, we can expect greater or lesser discounts.

It is true that the latest news does not usually receive too many discounts, although some stores offer exclusive offers that include an accessory or similar, and it is in products already on the market where we can expect greater discounts. What is clear is that the most significant sales will be electronic, so keep an eye on the stores in this sector.

First of all, very calm because the offers will continue to happen, although if you do not want to waste your money, it is best that you pay attention to some of the essential tips to survive Black Friday.

Stores participating in Spain

mobile use online shopping

Every year they are more stores and more sectors that are added to the Black Friday offers, and in this year 2020 it will be no different in Spain. It is no longer a day of sales in technology and electronics, but also in clothing, sports equipment, books, music, movies, DIY, furniture and decoration, and even cars and more disparate sectors.

It is true that practically all stores will be on Black Friday in one way or another, not only department stores but also small shops, although as we already have a huge list of confirmed stores and many others to come, it is possible that we will review:

  • Amazon | Go prime
  • eBay
  • AliExpress
  • The English Court
  • Media market
  • FNAC
  • PcComponentes
  • Game
  • Carrefour
  • Movistar, Vodafone, Orange, Jazztel, Yoigo and other operators
  • The Phone House
  • GearBest
  • Geekbuying
  • Conforama
  • IKEA
  • Zara and the entire Inditex group
  • Decathlon
  • Mango
  • Vueling
  • eDreams
  • Toys’R’Us
  • Privalia
  • And many more…

What to buy on Black Friday?

This sale day is always a good time to renew your technology products. Thus, it may be the best time of the year to change mobile, finally buy that big TV for the living room, or buy the robot vacuum cleaner that you have so much desire.

It is also a good time to buy Christmas gifts, since if you take advantage of these days of offers, you can save a good amount, especially if it is about technology. And on top of that, you will save queues or setbacks that can arise if you wait for the last to buy them!

Whatever you are looking for –and even what you are not looking for–, ​​in Andro4all we will try to bring you the most interesting offers for you.

What to keep in mind before buying on Black Friday

1. Make sure the offer is really an offer

evolution of the price of a product on Amazon

Even if everything seems like a bargain on Black Friday, not all that glitters is gold. Unfortunately, it is not the first time that some businesses decide raise prices the previous days, so that later the discount seems bigger.

So, it won’t hurt keep track of price evolution of the products that interest you.

2. Look at the fine print

small letter

It is also not a bad idea to check the fine print of what we are buying. That is, make sure things like that the final price is with taxes and shipping costs already included, that the product is guaranteed, if returns are accepted, …

3. Suspicion of very low prices

star ratings

Everyone knows stores like Amazon, eBay or MediaMarkt, and they trust them, but during sales days, stores may arise on the Internet who also want to get a slice of the moment.

Sometimes, the fact of looking for the lowest possible prices, can “cloud” our view, and confuse a scam with a deal. So if you see suspiciously low prices, be suspicious, and find out if the store is legit or not.

A day that undoubtedly many are already waiting to advance the list of gifts, and others to give themselves the whim of the year. Be that as it may, don’t miss out on Black Friday 2020 here, on Andro4all, because you will have minute by minute follow-up with the best offers.

This is an offer available at the time of publication of the article. Discounts may vary based on stock and store demand.

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