“Danger of losing success”


The danger increases that we gamble away our successes

The second corona wave, feared by many, has already been recorded in Germany, according to the Marburger Bund medical association. “We are already in a second, flat surge,” said association chairwoman Susanne Johna of the “Augsburger Allgemeine” (Tuesday). However, it is not comparable to the March and April figures. Nevertheless, the number of new infections increases. “So there is a danger that we will gamble away the successes we have achieved in Germany so far with a combination of repression and a longing for normality,” warned Johna.

Clinics are prepared

The hospitals were prepared for a second wave, explained the head of the association. In contrast to the first wave, hospital beds should not be kept blank this time, but should be kept free according to need. “Because the pandemic is slowly building up, we have to provide graduated treatment options for Covid-19 patients, so we have to introduce a staggered timing,” said Johna.

A small number of intensive care beds will be kept free

In practice, according to the Marburg Federation, a lower number of intensive care beds is kept free in stage one. If these are occupied, stage two comes into force 24 hours later and the capacities in the intensive care units are expanded. “This continues step by step, until you then exhaust all the intensive capacities available for Covid 19 patients at the highest alarm and expansion level,” said Johna.

Association chief: mouth protection saves lives

Johna urged that the hygiene rules and masks be observed. She compared the mask with the introduction of the seat belt in the car. At that time there was also violent resistance. Today, many people felt they were being patronized by a mouthguard requirement. But the opposite is the case: Just as the belt saves lives, “so does the mouthguard save lives,” emphasized the head of the association.

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