Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum had revenge and they let loose


It was predictable in the event of a choke from the Clippers and it did not fail: Twitter exploded in the fourth quarter of Game 7 when he saw the Angelinos let go. Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum had scores to settle and they had a blast.

Another memorable evening in the world of the NBA. Los Angeles’ second franchise has cracked for the third time in a row and is eliminated from the Playoffs. Difficult days therefore await the Clippers Nation which sees its team become the laughing stock of the League for a long time. Fiftieth consecutive season without a Conference Final for a team that had a foot and a half in the next round by leading 3-1, it was already enough to unleash the social network at the blue bird. But when in addition the team in question has spent a little over a month in the bubble to open its mouth, we start with a general explosion. Exit Pat Beverley, Montrezl Harrell and others Marcus Morris. Return home for the Clippers and they are advised to activate airplane mode for a few weeks. Obviously the Lakers fans didn’t waste a second to attack the local enemy and even Magic Johnson took the opportunity to remind who was the number 1 team in Los Angeles. But the biggest cartridges were sent to the Blazers side. It is CJ McCollum and Damian Lillard who did not let go of Twitter the evening to turn on the Chokers.

It must be said that there is a little water in the gas between Blazers and Clippers since the seeding games. On August 8, the two teams faced each other in a tight game where the leader of Portland had cracked on the free throw line. Mocked by Marcus Morris and PatBev on the bench, Dame reacted after the game by recalling that he had already eliminated the Clipps watchdog in the past, just like Paul George. The winger retorts by implying that it’s the Blazers who are going home this time around and Beverley even suggests a vacation to Cancun. The backcourt de Portland doesn’t have a short memory so he made the most of the evening. It started minutes before the game was over when CJ McCollum asks Damian Lillard “Do you have an extra villa in Cabo?” “ before moving on to the holiday theme: “I wonder if they packed their bags before the match”, “If they fly in private, they will be able to enter Mexico.” Dame DOLLA took the opportunity to place a small punchline and invite Beverley in turn: “I think I should extend this invitation to Cancun because I haven’t organized myself yet.” He then gently attacked Paul George, the specialist in good and bad shots, responding “He looks good to me” when a tweeter asks him what he thinks of the winger’s shoot that ends on the edge. McCollum went even further with a tweet in reference to the vote that took place during the players’ strike in late August, the Clippers having voted in favor of a cancellation of the season: “They voted to stop playing. But I didn’t think they would leave like this ”. Come on, it’s fair game, everyone pulled out the flamethrower after that monumental choke and the Blazers had a little personal revenge to take.

The opportunity was too good and the backourt of the Blazers did not hesitate to rekindle a little the flames of the beef which opposes them to the Clippers. Here we necessarily validate and we hope for a series of Playoffs between the two teams as soon as possible.

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