Daddy Yankee retires from music with a new album and concert tour

Daddy Yankeeself-proclaimed “The boss” of reggaeton, announced this Sunday his retirement from music with the release next Thursday of his latest album, ‘Legendaddy‘, and his last concert tour, ‘The last turn‘.

This race, which has been a marathon, I finally see the goal. Now I am going to enjoy with all of you what you have given me, what you have given me”, he started Raymond Ayalafirst name of the Puerto Rican artist, in a video that he downloaded to his Instagram account.

“In this genre, people say that I made it world-wide, but it was you who opened the key to open the doors to make this genre the biggest in the world“, emphasized ‘The maximum leader’ of reggaeton in the message.

The 45-year-old artist acknowledged that his followers have been “the biggest treasure I can have in my career” which spans 32 years, according to what Daddy Yankee himself said in the video sitting at a pool table in his mansion in Luquillo, a city on the northeastern coast of Puerto Rico.

“I always worked not to fail them, not to ask for problems, with a lot of discipline, to be able to inspire all the kids (young people) to be leaders, to dream of growing, not to think about limitations and to work for their family and theirs“, he reflected. “In the neighborhoods, where we grew up, most of us wanted to be drug traffickers. Today, low for neighborhoods and hamlets (public housing), and most want to be singers. That is worth a lot to me,” she said.

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However, he assured that “formally, today I announce my retirement from musicgiving you my best production and my best concert tour, and I’m going to bid you farewell to these 32 years of experience with this collection piece, entitled ‘Legendaddy'”. In said production he assured that he will present “all the styles that have defined me in a single album“, which will feature a lot of “party, war and romance”.

“I leave with the greatest thanks, my audience, my colleagues, all the producers, radio, press, television, digital platforms and you, who have been with me from the ‘underground’, from the roots, from the beginning of the reggaeton”, he added. “I love you with my life; over and out, Daddy Yankee says goodbye, ‘The boss’, DY“, he finished.

A long career in music

Daddy Yankee started his musical career on the album ‘Playero 34‘, from the music producer Beach DJ, and where the word reggaeton or reggaeton was heard for the first time. Due to the talent that DJ Playero saw in Daddy Yankee, he decided to place him at the beginning of his next productions, that is, the editions of ‘Playero 35’, ‘Playero 36’ and ‘Playero 37’.

However, the editions of ‘Playero 38’, ‘Playero 39’ and ‘Playero 40’ had the opportunity to be sold in record stores, which then catapulted Daddy Yankee even more. The renowned artist also had the opportunity to release his own albums, the first being ‘No Mercy‘ and ‘The Yankee Poster‘.

Likewise, due to the success he was having, Daddy Yankee was also included in other productions, especially in the first edition of ‘Boricua Guerrero EP’, produced by DJ Playero and Nico Canadaand where the so-called ‘Big Boss’ had a collaboration with In the, one of the most famous American rappers.

Daddy Yankee, with his vision of take the reggaeton genre to another levelcontinued to participate in other productions, and also joined a duet with Nicky Jampulling out his record, ‘making scant‘. However, the duo split up, giving Daddy Yankee the opportunity to release the album ‘Barrio Fino‘, which included ‘Gasoline‘, a theme that exploded the career of the legendary reggaeton player.

A year later, Daddy Yankee released ‘Fine Neighborhood, Live’which included the single ‘Gansta Zone‘ beside Snoop Dogganother legendary American rapper.

Daddy Yankee went on to release several albums, including ‘El Cartel: The Big Boss’world‘ and ‘Prestige‘. And, despite all the worldwide success that Daddy Yankee already had in his hands, at the end of the year 2017 launched with the Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Luis Fonsi the video of ‘Slowly‘, one of the most watched music videos in history.

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