Dad ran out of patience: Felix didn’t catch this!

After heading to his mistress Lucie Gelemová after the holidays, although a well – known couple announced their divorce before departure, his wife Dada ran out of patience. For Patras his walling up their serious debate about the future was the last straw, and he no longer intends to waste time with Felix. “The debate has not taken place. I’m not interested in Felix at all. I refuse to talk to him anymore. “ said the actress, who spoke completely differently last week.

Sudden change

“I don’t know where he will really live if his son doesn’t. He’s coming home on Friday, so I expect to talk. Of course, if he wants to live at home, I will not defend him, he has a permanent residence here. But he would probably like to discuss it properly. “ the queen of children’s hearts was heard. A few days was enough and Dada has her husband’s teeth full. If Felix wanted to play it the way it had been so far, he shouldn’t have behaved like that, and he should at least have accommodated Patras.

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Ustele si u Gelemové?

Because he is Slovak still in contact with Gelem and even celebrating his birthday with her, it is possible that sometimes the artist will still sleep and enjoy some nice time together. From what the ex-couple shares on the social network, one might even think that their breakup was just a theater for the public. In time, we will see if Lucie finds a man with whom she will finally start a family, or if she will officially reunite with the famous saxophonist.

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