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Frequent and shallow breathing or abdominal breathing, shortness of breath and fever (compared to normal for dogs 37.5-39 degrees) may indicate the possible development of pneumonia in a pet, said the President of the Russian Cynological Federation Vladimir Golubev on December 5.

“The symptoms of pneumonia in dogs are very similar to other diseases and it is difficult to make a diagnosis based on symptoms alone. For the treatment of pneumonia, you need to make the correct diagnosis on time; only a veterinarian can do this on the basis of a blood test, X-ray examination or computed tomography. Do not treat your dog yourself, it could cost him his life. If it seems to you that the dog is sick, immediately seek help from the veterinary clinic, “- explained Golubev in an interview with RIA Novosti.

He added that the symptoms of the disease can be thirst and loss of appetite, lethargy, coughing and sneezing, watery eyes, tickling and blueness of the tongue. The cynologist clarified that the disease is provoked by pathogenic microflora or an already existing viral infection, as well as helminths, the reproduction path of which passes through the lungs, or a fungal infection.

According to Golubev, dogs with frequent hypothermia, weak immunity, chest trauma, chronic bronchitis, elderly or pets with a lack of a balanced diet are especially susceptible to pneumonia.

“Sometimes dog breeders do not attach much importance to the condition of the dog: they use folk remedies to treat an ailment or do not notice at all that the animal is sick. This approach can lead to the progression of the disease, a rise in temperature and the death of the pet, ”the specialist warned, urging to contact the veterinarian at the first sign of the dog’s illness.

Earlier, Golubev said whether animals have ideas about morality and how to punish a pet correctly. He cited the results of the study, according to which dogs do not have abstract thinking, so you should not try to discover in them the presence of such concepts as conscience, morality, good and evil. The fact that a dog is trying to reconcile after being scolded can be indicated by a lapel of the head, tucked ears, and a hunched back.

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