Customers who bought makeup and perfumes at “wrong prices” announced a class action lawsuit against the brand


Last Thursday morning, the marks Lancome, Urban Decay and Khiel’s, all belonging to L’Oreal, mistakenly published products at greatly discounted prices on their products, which caused social media craze among shoppers.

For example brand perfumes Lancome, than usually exceed $ 75 thousand, could be found less than $840. Same with the popular makeup palettes “Naked” of Urban Decay, what in retail they haunt the $ 40 thousand, were sold for $ 390.

With these offers, during the morning of that day page collapse, not before thousands of customers will buy these products, error that the next day was recognized by the company manager: “we regret to inform that we have a technical problem during the update of our information systems“, They wielded through mail.

“This caused that, for a few hours, involuntarily, Our prices will be shown on our website in an incomplete and erroneous way. Due to the above, it will not be possible to process your order“They added from the stores involved, also requesting the delivery of data for the return of the money.

However, customers and users who bought the products defend themselves, arguing that: “the responsibility of suffering a technical problem on the platforms is unique, completely and exclusively from the company, never before has it been seen that this falls on the consumer and apparently, this is what they are trying to do now, “they argued.

With documents and evidence in hand, they announced complaints through the National Consumer Service (Sernac) and if they did not find a satisfactory answer, they confirmed that a class action lawsuit will be reached so that prices are respected by the companies involved.


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