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On March 13, you were on the station platform to go to Thionville. Since then, all your shows, more than seventy, have been canceled. Finally, you get back on the road and will be in Lorraine on the 23rd in Thionville and on September 29 in Toul. Did you hesitate to go back on stage?

Anne ROUMANOFF : “Absolutely not, I was impatient, I wanted to go, but I wondered if the audience would be there. I was able to play four times this summer and the presence of the spectators reinforced my will. So, even though there is great uncertainty about maintaining the dates and even if I will have to play in front of half-full venues, I go for it. I missed all of this very much. “

Your show is called “Tout va bien”. The title is rather ironic given the situation, right?

“From the start, he wanted to be ironic, long before the virus appeared. But it’s true that since March, my show has evolved, I have modified sketches. Obviously, Édouard Philippe is no longer Prime Minister! Of course, I’m talking about containment, masks, but not just that. We come to laugh at the news and I am convinced that at the moment, it can only do good. We need lightness. “

Was your period of confinement scary or creative?

” Neither. I took the opportunity to create an association, Solidarity with caregivers, and I invested myself in this project fifteen hours a day. With volunteers, we raised funds to equip the staff rest rooms. And then there was my daily show on Europe 1, It feels good. My confinement was intense, even though I was in Paris and there was scaffolding in front of my window! It was more in June that I felt like a big blow of fatigue. There, I am much better. “

“I think I have an incredible opportunity to do this job. It’s a privilege and I have a lot of fun doing it. The public gives it back to me ”

You are a workaholic between radio, performing and writing, how do you manage your time?

“I do not ask myself the question because I believe I have an incredible opportunity to exercise this profession. It’s a privilege and I have a lot of fun doing it. The public gives it back to me. For the radio, when I’m on tour, I adapt by making recordings in the morning. “

You have started making a film. Tell us more …

“Yes, it was very advanced, but could not be finalized due to the Covid. It is the story of a recently divorced 50-year-old woman. There is a bit of me in it, I admit. I hope it can be released in 2021. “

You did Sciences po. If you hadn’t made it into the acting profession, would you have chosen politics or journalism?

“Politics certainly not, journalism yes, maybe, why not, but that supposes being observant. Today, I am more in the action, I want to act, to get my hands dirty. What I do with my association is very rewarding. In my opinion, feeling useful is essential. “

“Everything is going well”, at the Thionville Theater on Wednesday 23 September at 8 pm. There are still some places. Price 45 €. Wearing a mask is compulsory.

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