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CityRegion Aachen. The Committee for School, Education, Science and Culture has now unanimously decided to continue promoting culture within the framework of the “economy meets art (ema)” project for the current year. 25,000 euros are available in the 2021 budget. The background to this is that, due to the pandemic-related restrictions in the field of culture, the very existence of freelance artists and cultural institutions and independent cultural institutions are currently at risk – and even more so than last year. Therefore, the Aachen City Region has now decided to continue to support the artists this year and thus to realize a large number of small projects and campaigns.

Last year, the Aachen City Region awarded scholarships to artists for the first time as part of the “ema” project, which has existed since 2009. After the decision, professional artists can apply for funds with their own concept, project or campaign from now until July 15. The prerequisite is that the creative people have their place of residence in the Aachen city region. The temporary grant is aimed at artists from the fields of film, photography, music, cabaret, literature, performance and theater.
Forward-looking projects and campaigns that deal with exploring new digital interaction techniques and event formats are funded. A reference to companies and institutions that are particularly affected by the effects of the pandemic (such as restaurants or nursing homes) is desirable. In addition, the conceptual development of projects that will be carried out in the city region at a later date can also be supported.

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If the submitted project sketch is deemed worthy of funding by the jury of the Aachen City Region, the artists will receive a scholarship from the Aachen CityRegion Culture Office, which is endowed with a flat-rate one-time payment of 500 to 2000 euros. The individual amount is based on the financial plan or the cost estimates that must be submitted when submitting the application. There is no entitlement to the grant of the scholarship.

The contact person is Tanja Wessolowski from the Culture Unit of the Aachen City Region (see contact details).

Published on 06/10/2021

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