Cultural tips from Rebecca Dautremer

Every evening in Cultural affairs at 7:50 p.m., an artist’s speech for a cultural advice. For this meeting which will last the time of confinement, the illustrator Rebecca Dautremer shares some of his inspirations and cultural occupations of the moment at the microphone of Arnaud Laporte.

The one whose first name taken from Rivka in Hebrew means “to be satisfied” does not seem to have finished with the illustration of youth of which she is today a major figure. Upon leaving Decorative Arts, Rebecca Dautremer is fully dedicated to the illustrated edition for children. In 2003, she released her first youth album entitled The lover who won the Witches Prize in the album category. Years and albums later, in the fall of 2020, she signed the graphic novel “Of Mice and Men” adapted from the flagship work of Nobel Prize winner for literature John Steinbeck.

Cultural tips from Rebecca Dautremer

Plastic arts

Presentation : Henry Darger is one of the most enigmatic artists of the twentieth century. He lived as a recluse most of his life in Chicago. When he died in 1973, his landlords discovered that this discreet old man, partly bedridden, had given birth to a monumental work of several tens of thousands of pages, illustrated with hundreds of drawings and paintings.
The story of my life is the last text on which Henry Darger worked from 1968 to the end of his days. The first pages of this abundant autobiographical story, here offered to the reader accompanied by a selection of illustrations, are absolutely fascinating. Darger talks about his childhood, his life with his father, his internment in a children’s asylum, his runaways, and his work in Chicago hospitals. The dreamlike imagination of this artist transforms this ordinary life into a work of strange and familiar beauty, bewitching and wonderful.

His work is as fascinating as his biography. It’s amazingly beautiful, completely self-taught, without references, without criteria. To dive into the life of this man is very moving, very particular.
Rebecca Dautremer


  • Canoe descent of the Vézère, a tributary of the Dordogne, near Brive-la-Gaillarde
    Reservations available by clicking here.

On the banks, you can admire castles on rocks overlooking the water. It’s completely crazy, it’s a walk that is worth the detour.
Rebecca Dautremer


  • The recipe for pesto soup, a Provencal specialty

The best recipe is to have it made by someone else. Find a Marseille grandmother, have her prepare the recipe, and enjoy. Rebecca Dautremer

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Following the publication of his graphic novel Of mice and Men with Tishina editions, Rebecca Dautremer looked back on his personal journey at Arnaud Laporte’s microphone in Cultural affairs. This show is available for replay below :

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