Cultural summer in the region: 37 concerts attract many last-minute visitors

The concert with China Moses in the historic green of the official gardens of Landestrost Castle was a particular crowd puller.Photo: Nadja Mahjoub

Well attended: The 24th Summer of Culture reached around 3,300 music lovers in the region this year and was well received in 29 locations. “Looking at the more than well-filled calendar of events this summer, we are very satisfied with the response that this year’s summer of culture found among the public,” sums up Stefani Schulz, head of the region’s culture team. “We will look at which cultural venues and formats have been particularly well received and then start planning for the anniversary cultural summer next year,” adds Stefan Becker, Managing Director of the Stiftung Kulturregion Hannover, which organizes the popular music festival together with the Hannover Region .

One of the special crowd pullers was the concert with China Moses in the historic green of the official gardens of Landestrost Castle, which was attended by around 300 music fans. The Parkbeben Festival in Poggenhagen and the concerts at the Hinterhof Festival each attracted more than 1000 visitors, while the orchestra in the stairwell in Springe and Barsinghausen attracted around 250 interested parties and around 100 chanson fans drove to Gehrden in the countryside on Sunday. The concerts by the Institute for Early Education for the Musically Talented (IFF) with a total of 450 guests were also well received by the audience. “Great weather, great atmosphere, great concerts – we couldn’t have wished for a better 24th Summer of Culture!”, summarizes Sandra van de Loo from the Culture Team of the Hannover Region, which is organizing the program together with the Hannover Cultural Region Foundation and numerous associations and initiatives got up and running. “One thing has changed compared to previous years: people no longer buy tickets far in advance, but rather spontaneously decide to go to the concert,” reports van de Loo.

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In the anniversary year 2023, the summer of culture will also open up to other sectors

The cultural summer will be 25 years old in 2023. In the anniversary year, the festival will also open up to other cultural genres. Organizers from the cities and communities in the region can then apply for literature, theatre, film, concerts, performances, dance events or interdisciplinary programs to take part in the festival and for funding from the Stiftung Kulturregion Hannover.

“The cultural summer 2023, which will take place from June 24 to August 20, 2023, may have all the colors of culture and be aimed at all age groups,” announced Stefani Schulz. It is important that the events stand out from the usual cultural programs through convincing artistic quality, their uniqueness, special formats or venues and are tailored to the summer festival.

All honorary and full-time cultural organizers based in the Hanover region can apply. The contact persons are Sandra van de Loo (Culture Team of the Hannover Region), telephone 0511/616-26414, and Friederike Kohn (Foundation Kulturregion Hannover), telephone 0511/22061015. Further information is available at

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