Cultural guide of Tomsk: where to go November 25 – December 1

Information about events is valid at the time of publication – November 25. Some concerts may be canceled or rescheduled. We ask you to pay attention to the messages of the organizers on the websites and in the official groups of events in social networks.

November 25, Friday

Cultural rest:

Lecture-excursion “Mystical Tomsk” will be held at the Center for Immersive Art “Osobnyak” >>>

The first national competition “Harmony of Beauty” will be held at the Big Concert Hall (BKZ) >>>

A tour by candlelight – in the Russian-German House >>>

Literary evening, where they will read the story of I.S. Turgenev “Mumu”, will be held at the theater “2 + ku” >>>

Hang out on Friday:

SoDa will perform masterpieces from the repertoire of ZaZ, Lost Fingers, Vanessa Paradise, Covacs at the Underground jazz cafe >>>

And KEYRAMIKA will perform at the RockHub bar >>>

Disco of the 90s will be held at Harat’s on Marx >>>

Acoustic evening is planned in the rock-bar “Varyag” >>>

A soulful evening in the company of a guitar and a saxophone is promised in the Santa Monica cafe >>>

November 26, Saturday

“Picnic” in Tomsk

The legendary “Picnic” will present a new program “Merry and Evil” at the Big Concert Hall of the Tomsk Philharmonic.

Piknik is a Soviet and Russian rock band founded in Leningrad in 1978. They are known for such songs as “Egyptian”, “The shaman has three hands”, “Hieroglyph”, “From the mousetrap”, “Purple-black”.

“Six new songs will be performed at the concert. Of course, they will not just be played, but according to tradition, each composition will acquire a unique stage life. For this, scenery is already being designed and bewitching video sequences are being sculpted. some of them will sound – it’s a secret for now,” the Philharmonic’s website says.

Start at 19.00. Ticket price: 1800-3800 rubles. Age limit: 6+. Read more >>>

What else will happen on Saturday:

Spiritual seance – at the Center for Immersive Art “Osobnyak” >>>

Acoustic concert “Through the Looking Glass” – in “Aelita” >>>

Movie night with winter cartoons – in the cat cafe >>>

Where to hang out in Tomsk:

BLUES BROTHERS to perform at Underground Jazz Cafe >>>

Post-punk and rock will sound at the RockHub bar >>>

And the compositions of the rock group “A-symmetry” (Kemerovo) can be heard in Harat’s on Istochnaya >>>

Havana Cover Band Concert Expected at Santa Monica Café >>>

Tomsk cover band Rocking Radio will play on the 16th anniversary of the club “Shizgara” >>>

November 27, Sunday

Big music program:

Tomsk musician Pavel Evgrafov presents his new album “Wings” at the House of Arts >>>

Natalya Nelyubova has prepared a new program “Professor’s Tales and Songs”, which will be shown in the “Professor’s Apartment” >>>

Tomsk organist Dmitry Ushakov and Moscow oboist Alexei Balashov will perform in the Organ Hall >>>

Theater of Folklore “Raznotsvetye” in honor of Mother’s Day will present the program “From Heart to Heart” in “Aelita” >>>

© RIA Tomsk. Pavel Stefansky

The concert “Gogol in music” will take place in the Big Concert Hall >>>

A concert of German culture Hallo zusammen – in the Russian-German House >>>

Acoustic program from duo NINA is planned at the jazz cafe Underground >>>

Other things to do on Sunday:

Watch the film “Sherlock. A Study in Pink” in the cat cafe >>>

Go to the quiz at the rock bar “Varyag” >>>

… or for the “Follow the Voice” poetry evening at the Santa Monica Cafe >>>

November 28, Monday

“People’s Artist of the Internet” Yaroslav Sumishevsky will perform the program “From a clean slate” at the Concert Hall >>>

Organ romance will be waiting for Tomsk residents in the Organ Hall >>>

November 29, Tuesday

Concert and presentation of the book of poems “The day is good, like French cognac” by the Tomsk poetess and actress Nina Yaroslavtseva will be held in the House of Scientists of Academgorodok >>>

Chebatkov in Tomsk

Russian comedian Yevgeny Chebatkov will perform a stand-up program “Don’t look back” at the Big Concert Hall.

Start at 19.00. Ticket price: 1100-2900 rubles. Age limit: 16+. Read more >>>

To the touch

Excursion with closed eyes “To the touch” will be held at the Osobnyak Center for Immersive Art.

“By excluding only one way of perception familiar to many – sight, a person is able to feel completely different. This “different” can be described as an expansion of perception, transferring attention to sound and tactility, or a test of trust – to the leader, to oneself, one’s body, sensations and intuition , to the environment and other people,” the announcement said.

The guide during the tour will be director Alena Shafer.

Start at 19.00. Ticket price: 500 rubles. Age limit: 10+. Read more >>>

November 30, Wednesday

Mill in Tomsk

The Moscow folk-rock group “Melnitsa” will present a new concert program “Heart of a hawk” in the Big Concert Hall as part of a tour.

“In the new program, we are heading from the sands of the Levant to the North, where not only blue grasses, non-migratory birds and trains to never await us, but also completely new locations and a new lyrical hero,” the words of the main songwriter are quoted on the Philharmonic website. Helavisa groups.

Start at 19.00. Ticket price: 1300-3500 rubles. Age limit: 12+. Read more >>>

Mill. angel heart

Anniversary concert of jazz orchestra “TSU-62” in the TSU Central Committee >>>

The performance of the participant of the “Women’s stand-up” on TNT Elizaveta-Varvara Aranova in the Santa Monica cafe >>>

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December 1, Thursday

Music from UK

Guitarist, vocalist, author and performer, legendary musician working at the intersection of jazz, blues, rock and soul, Gregg Kofi Brown (UK) will perform at the Underground Jazz Cafe.

“Gregg Kofi Brown is a man of many talents and an amazing destiny. The author of memorable hit songs performed by such stars as Sting, Billy Cobham, Stanley Jordan, Patti Austin, Dennis Chambers, and many others, and a bright musician whose performances are filled with extraordinary drive” , – said in the announcement on the club’s website.

In addition, Brown is a theater and film actor, producer and teacher of music theory. He was the organizer of the then-unknown Elton John’s first concert in the USA, performed on the same stage with Joe Cocker, Eric Burdon and many other legendary musicians. He traveled almost the whole world, and in recent years he often comes to Russia.

Start at 19.00. Ticket price: 350-2250 rubles. Age limit: 6+.More >>>

What else:

See the best photos of 2022 from Tomsk photographers at the Prism exhibition-competition at the Art Museum >>>

Participate in the inclusive action “Family History” in the Museum of Local Lore >>>

Go to the play “Bride for hire” with the participation of famous Russian actors in the BZK >>>

Whole week

The professor updated his office

A new exposition appeared in the office of the “Professor’s apartment”.

“Our office has been transformed: it has become even more original, rich and “professional”. Solid oak furniture, a genuine telephone from the 1910s, rare books and documents – now everything is as close as possible to historical realities,” the museum’s official VKontakte group says. “.

Read more >>>

© RIA Tomsk. Pavel Stefansky

In the “Professor’s apartment”

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