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by Ilse Romahn

(27.09.2022) At the “KuBi meet up – Förderlandschaft Frankfurt” on Friday, September 23, more than 50 actors in cultural education from culture, youth, education and social affairs came together at the Freie Kunstakademie Frankfurt to find out about various funding programs, to exchange ideas and to network.

The aim of the cultural office event is to further strengthen the cross-sector and cross-professional network of Frankfurt’s cultural education.

Ina Hartwig, head of the culture and science department, says: “The KuBi meet up showed once again how important exchange and networking are for those involved in cultural education. Not only Frankfurt’s artists are involved in this central cross-sectional task, but many different people from the fields of culture, youth, education and social affairs. The KuBi meet up is a great opportunity to bring them all together and promote synergies. I would like to thank everyone involved, private and municipal sponsors as well as the still young department for cultural education in the cultural office, which has promoted the topic in a remarkable way.

The cultural office also provided information about its updated guidelines for funding cultural education projects, which are available in a revised form on the culture portal. This formulates the prerequisites and content-related quality criteria that are used to decide on the funding of projects. Interested parties can also find out which documents are required for the application. The next deadline for submitting project proposals is November 15, 2022.

The head of the cultural office, Sybille Linke, is delighted with the great response from the participants: “Many committed and creative people who implement cultural education projects in Frankfurt make considerable efforts every year to apply for project funding, without which many of the offers often fail would not be possible. The fact that so many of them came to our KuBi meet up on Friday shows that an overview of the various funding opportunities is required. By updating and writing our funding guideline, we want to help you find out more quickly and easily what is important to us when funding cultural education projects and who you can address questions to.”

In addition to the Cultural Office, the Office for Multicultural Affairs, the Youth and Social Welfare Office and the Inclusion Office of the City of Frankfurt as well as the Crespo Foundation, the Polytechnic Society Foundation, the Frankfurt RheinMain Cultural Fund and the Hessen State Association for Cultural Education presented their funding programs.

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Since February 2021, the cultural office has had its own department for cultural education. In addition to the conceptual further development of this area in Frankfurt, his tasks also include the strengthening of structures for exchange and networking and the financial support of projects. The department is in regular contact with various representatives of the city administration and the independent scene as well as the intermediaries of the city museums. The new newsletter “KuBi News” with information on cultural education has been sent out from the cultural office since August. After a digital specialist day last year, this year’s KuBi meet up is already the second networking event for the entire field of cultural education in Frankfurt.

Further information can be found on the culture portal at (ffm)

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