Cudillero hosts the start of concerts in favor of the Food Bank of Asturias

The Food Bank Foundation of Asturias has a great ally in music and poetry to continue its work. The Association of Writers of Asturias and the soprano Tina Gutierrez They presented yesterday at the Cudillero City Council the solidarity cycle in which the book-CD “” will be released, edited by the literary group in favor of the social entity. This includes a recital of the poems and songs from the album by the president of the association, Esther Garciawhich will be followed by a concert by the Asturian lyrical singer in tribute to Xacobeo 2021-2022 through the most representative melodies of Asturian, Galician and oratorio music.

The first session is today, June 24, at the House of Culture of Soto de Luiña, at 20.00 hours. There is also a zero line for donations through the Foundation’s bank account. The cultural initiative continues in Candás, in Carreño, next Sunday, the 26th, and will arrive in Trevías (Valdés), Navia and Vegadeo in July and August.

“We need partners and donations”, summed up Tina Gutiérrez about the objective of the cultural cycle, in which the world of literature and music shake hands in favor of the Food Bank of Asturias and which has the support of the Caja Rural of Asturias. A series of poetic and musical recitals that comes at a very necessary time, the president of the Foundation, Bernardo Sopeña, pointed out yesterday: “These are complicated times, the demand for food is increasing and, at the same time, donations are falling.” In that sense, Esther García advanced that they are about to launch the second edition of the album-book. With the first they donated 6,000 euros to the Foundation.

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