CSC asks government for help with energy bills: one in three households does not have € 1,000 set aside

For the secretary general of the CSC, Marie-Hélène Ska, the government must take action on energy prices, prices whose increase risks putting more than one household in difficulty. She was the guest at 7:50 am on Bel RTL and answered Fabrice Grosfilley’s questions.

“The programming and extension of the social tariff is a measure which seems to have been taken for granted today” at the level of the 2022 budget under preparation in the federal government, she said. Allow people to heat themselves and pay for their electricity, “this is the meaning of the social tariff on energy” which helps around 900,000 households in Belgium, she recalled. But does it take an extra effort from the government? “Sure”, according to Marie-Hélène Skia. “We must see according to the real bill which must receive compensation. So we will see what the government will have decided on the matter. But it is clear that today we know that a third of households do not have not the capacity to have more than 1,000 € aside so we will have to make a gesture on the energy tariffs “, while we are announcing an additional cost of around € 500 to € 700.

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