Critics of Megan Markle unite in opposition to Amber Listened to

Amber Listened to talked about the court docket battle with his ex-spouse Johnny Depp in his initially job interview with Savannah Guthrie considering that the trial started.

Depp’s defamation proceedings also created headlines in the United Kingdom, wherever Hollywood stars misplaced his “wife beater” proceedings from a British newspaper previous calendar year.

Amber Heard appeared in the scenario to testify to her ex-partner.

Megan Markles critics unite against Amber Heard

The verdict of the defamation proceedings has gained a variety of reactions in the United Kingdom. I have noticed that many royal fans, supporters, and royal specialists are on the aspect of Johnny Depp.

Entire body language professionals have when compared all of Amber Heard’s hottest interviews and Megan Markle with the legendary Oprah Winfrey on American tv.

Hundreds of royal supporters celebrated Depp’s victory or Amber’s defeat on social media websites.

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